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Tasmiyah is the name used for the phrase ” In the Name of ALLAH who is most beneficent and Merciful”. Tasmiyah is the phrase that is recited on the start of every work especially reciting Quran. Muslims consider these words as the source of ALLAH’s blessing and properly completion of every task.

Meaning of Word Ism

The word Ism in bismillah is derived from the word “Wasm” which means a mark or a brand name. So it signifies a brand name which belongs to Allah (S.W.T). Also a brand is always unique and different from any other thing. So the qualities in Allah are incomparable.
Secondly the word Ism also means  beautiful so it signifies the beauty in the name of Allah. This means that there is beauty in everything and every act of Allah.

Explanation of Tasmiyah

The word Allah has many explanations according to different scholars. It is a specific name for Allah almighty. Word Illa have different explanations as well. Some says it is a word use for a deity who is worthy of worship and according to others, it was a category of love in ancient Arabs. There were 10 categories at that time for love. The 10th was a deadly category where one died for love and the 9th was called walah. It was believed that in this kind, love fulfills the need of every desire that there was no room left for them. This type of love filled ones life with extreme positivity. So Allah is a name which has the benefits of all the names of Allah.

Second Part of Tasmiyah

Then the other part of Tasmiyah reminds us of two incredible names of Allah. There are 99 known attributes of Allah but these two names overshadow the other names and attributes of Allah.

The name Al Rahman shows three things that is love, care and mercy in extreme and beyond ones imagination. Then this love care or mercy is immediate and thirdly its not permanent. But this love, mercy and care whether not permanent but does not go away on its own. One by his acts and disobedience forces Allah to take that love, mercy and care away.

The word Al Raheem fills that room of temporariness with the permanency. The word Raheem shows that Allah’s beneficial nature is permanent and of course immediate.

Part of Every Surah or Just a Tradition

There is a contradiction in the view of the Islamic scholars about Tasmiyah as a part of every Surah or its just a tradition to start the Surah with Tasmiyah. It is considered as a part of Surah Fatiha as a beginning verse and it is the 30 verse of Surah Namal as well. But it is not yet decided by the scholars that it is a part of every surah or not.

Uniqueness of Tasmiyah

The Tasmiyah is actually not a full sentence but a fragment of a sentence. Allah leaves it as a fragment on purpose because the act before which one is reciting this fragment actually completes the fragment. Like if one recites Tasmiyah before eating then it means in the name of Allah, I am eating this. So Tasmiyah is concomitant with each and every act. Without the Tasmiyah every act remains incomplete and imperfect .

Benefits of  Bismillah

1. Bismillah is beneficial to ease the tensions in ones life
2. Reciting bismillah before everything will impart His blessings in those things.
3. Bismillah provides guarantee of Jannah.
4. The Tasmiyah saves one from hell fire.
5. Tasmiyah is the key of closeness to Allah.
6. Tasmiayah is actually the extract of all the attributes of Allah.
7. Reciting Tasmiyah before anything will exclude the Satan from being a partner in this act.
8. Satan will not enter the house if one recites Tasmiyah before entering the house.

(If you find and mistake in this article please feel free to contact us and point it out. We will try to correct it in the light of Quran and Sunnah. May Allah bless us all with authentic knowledge of Islam. May this effort of ours ease the way of jannah for our family. Amin)

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