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Surah Al Maoon




Surah Al Maoon is one of the last surahs of Quran. this a a short but powerful surah which tells a person how to balance the religion and worldly affairs. this surah also puts lights on the rights of a Muslim towards Allah and the people.

Meaning of Maoon

The word Maoon is interpreted by different scholars as Zakat. But this word in true context means a small act of kindness, the small or common things of day to day use like salt, water, utensils etc.

Translation of Surah Al MAoon

Have you seen the one who denies the day of judgement?

For that is the one who drives away the orphans

And does not encourage the feeding of the poor

And woe to those who pray

Who are heedless of their prayers

Those who show offs

And withhold assistance

Revelation of Surah Al Maoon

Surah Al Maoon is 107th surah of Quran. This is a Makki surah having seven verses. This surah is very close to surah Al Kafiroon.

History of this Surah

Abu Jahal cheated with an orphan boy and took all his money. Abu Jahal was doing inhumane acts with the Muslims of that time. The orphan boy then came to our beloved Prophet ( PBUH)  and complained about his loss. Our beloved Prophet (PBUH) then asked  Abu Jahal to give the money of that back and Abu Jahal gave it to the boy. Then this surah was revealed which talks about the right of orphans as well.

Explanation of Surah Al Maoon

The 3rd and last verses of this surah are interconnected. This small surah is divided into 4 parts but the beauty of this surah is that all these four parts(may seem irrelevant to common people) but has a great and never ending relation with one another. The two main parts are inseparable in fact.  The first verse tells about the negation of day of judgement by non Muslims. The second and third verses are about the crimes against the people. Fourth, fifth and sixth verses are  about crimes against Allah and the last verse is also about the crimes against people. Normally, it is a misconception among people that religion and this world are two different things. If one follows religion, then he should be cut off with world and vice versa but in this surah Allah (SWT) tells us that the main task for man is to make the balance between the religion and this world. This surah also negates the concept of extremism. Through this division of verses Allah (SWT) wants to tell us that people will become so hard that they will forget to do a small act of kindness towards others.

Essence of this Surah

This surah was revealed to show people the right path and the meaning of a true Muslim. The acts mentioned in this Surah should be avoided by a Muslim in order to be on right path and to make Allah (SWT) happy.

Importance of this Surah

In this surah different messages are given to the Muslims which are as under.

  1. This Surah tells a Muslims about his duties.
  2. The sins of a Muslim towards others Muslims or persons like bashing the orphans and poors, are prohibited in this Surah.
  3. The sins of a Muslims towards his Creator are also mentioned and pointed out clearly.
  4. The people who are negligent towards their religious duties like Salah, and the people who pray to show off are also in danger so they should avoid these sins.
  5. The misers, with holders and arrogant persons should change their behavior.
  6. The one who denies the day of judgement is also a sinner and he is also in loss.


(If you find any mistake in this article, lease feel free to contact us and inform us. we will try our best to correct it in the light of Quran of sunnah. May ALLAH bless us all with the authentic knowledge of Islam.

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