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Rights of Neighbors



Neighbor is a person who is living next door to you or who is living near your house. Islam also mentioned rights of neighbors because these are the person with whom one is dealing in his day to day life. In Islam, the co-workers or co-travelers are also neighbors though co-travelers are temporary neighbors but they also have rights.

Neighbor’s categories in Islam

There are three levels of neighbors.

  1. Immediate neighbors whose house is adjacent to yours.
  2. Then the close neighbors who live close to your house. According to scholars they are 7 neighbors in all directions of your house.
  3. The people living in your locality or colony.
  4. Co-workers and co-travelers are also neighbors.

Rights of neighbors

  1. Do not hurt or harm them in any manner.
  2. Do not interfere in their lives.
  3. Help them in every possible way.
  4. Be kind to them.
  5. Have mercy on them.
  6. Honor ones neighbor.
  7. Visit the neighbor once in a while.
  8. Invite them to your place once in a while.
  9. Be a part of their happiness and sorrows.
  10. Connect with your neighbors.
  11. Send them gifts.
  12. Send them some of your food.
  13. Smile when you meet.
  14. Do not fight with them.
  15. Do not create problems for them.
  16. Do not belittle them or degrade them.
  17. Take care of them.
  18. Be tolerant to them if they are not good.
  19. Pray for them.
  20. Respect them.
  21. Be careful, if they are poor they have more right on your kindness and Zakat or Sadqa.
  22. Visit them if they are ill.

If neighbor is non-Muslim

If a neighbor is non-Muslim, then they also have the same rights as the Muslim neighbors.

Importance of neighbors from Quran

Worship Allah and associate nothing with Him, and to parents do good, and to relatives, orphans, the needy, the near neighbor, the neighbor farther away, the companion at your side, the traveler, and those whom your right hands possess. Indeed, Allah does not like those who are self-deluding and boastful. Surah al Nissa verse 36

Importance of neighbors from Hadith


  • Narrated Aisha “The Prophet () said “Gabriel continued to recommend me about treating the neighbors Kindly and politely so much so that I thought he would order me to make them as my heirs . sahih bukhari book of god manners Hadith 6014
  • Narrated Abu Shuraih:
  • The Prophet (ﷺ) said, “By Allah, he does not believe! By Allah, he does not believe! By Allah, he does not believe!” It was said, “Who is that, O Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ)?” He said, “That person whose neighbor does not feel safe from his evil.” Sahih bukhari book of good manners hadith 6016
  • Narrated Abu Huraira:
  • The Prophet (ﷺ) used to say, “O Muslim ladies! A neighbouress should not look down upon the present of her neighbouress even it were the hooves of a sheep.”  Sahih bukhari book of good manners hadith 6017.

Punishment of not taking care of neighbors

Allah will curse him in this world and punish him at the day of judgement.



(If you find any mistake in this article please feel free to contact us and point it out. We will try to correct it in the light of Quran and Sunnah. May Allah bless us all with the authentic knowledge of Islam. May this effort of ours ease the way of jannah for our family).

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