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Rights of Deceased



When a person is deceased he or she also have some rights according to Islam. The specific rituals should be followed to bury him up.

Rights of deceased

  1. It is the right of the deceased that the burial expenses should be made from his own money.
  2. Give him ghusl according to shariah.
  3. Give him Kafan.
  4. Bury him as soon as possible.
  5. Do not burn or dispose the body in any other manner instead of burying.
  6. Read janaza for him.
  7. Recite Quran on their grave for a long time so it will ease their fear in grave.
  8. Feed the visitors who are came from far places.
  9. Pay his debts quickly.
  10. Do not mourn on their death. Be sad and show grief is natural but mourning is prohibited.
  11. Be sad for only three day and after that get back to normal life besides the wife who remain in such a condition for iddat period.
  12. Pray for them.
  13. Give sadqa on their behalf.
  14. Make supplications for them.
  15. Ask for their forgiveness.
  16. One can do Hajj badal or Umrah badal on their behalf.
  17. Fulfill the promises they made.
  18. Execute the wills according to their wishes.
  19. Visit your kinship after them as well.
  20. Be generous and honor their friends.
  21. Visit their graves and pray for them.
  22. Recite Quran and duas for them on their graves.
  23. Take care of their grave a well.


(If you find any mistake in this article please feel free to contact us and point it out. We will try to correct it in the light of Quran and Sunnah. May Allah bless us all with the authentic knowledge of Islam. May this effort of ours ease the way of jannah for our family).

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