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Rights, Duties and Restrictions on Husband and Wife


Right, Duties and Restrictions for Husband and WifeIn Islam both husband and wife have some rights and duties to fulfill towards each other and the children. Similarly some restrictions are made not the cross the limits of Islam. Following are the rights, duties and restrictions on the both spouse.

Duties of a Man (Rights of Woman)


A man is responsible for the house, shelter, protection, food, clothes and all the others things which are needed to live a life comfortably. He is maintainer of the wife and his children.


Husband should protect his wife from others in every possible way. Husband is a protector not an abuser.

Love, Care and Sincerity

A husband should be loving, caring and sincere with his wife. He should not roam around with other woman and should not cheat his wife.


It is also the duty of the husband to pay mahar to the wife as soon as possible after Nikkah. It is not permissible to force the wife to withdraw her right of mahar or to threaten her of not paying mahar.


A man is a preserver of the wife from any type of harm or injustice from anyone.


It is the duty of the husband and right of the wife to be respected by her husband.


If a wife makes a mistake then husband should forgive her and should not remind her of that mistake repeatedly.

Provides a Separate Home

If wife does not want to live with the family of the husband it is the duty of the husband to provide a separate place or house for her wife where she can live independently.

Restrictions on Husband

Islam imposes some restrictions on the man in the matter of his wife.


Husband is not allowed in any case to abuse the wife even verbally. Husband is not allowed to bash her or strike her.


It is prohibited in Islam to insult ones wife. One is not even allowed to say that you are not pretty or your face resembles some animal or you are untidy or fat.


Husband should not disregard the abilities and services of her wife which makes the life of husband easy.


One is not even allowed to abandon the wife in the house after some argument.

Living with in laws

A husband cannot force his wife to live with his family members or to serve them.

Stops her from meeting her parents

Husband is not allowed to stop his wife to meet her parents or family. It is her right to meet them. If wife is a working woman and wants to spend that money on her family, husband have no right to stop her as it is her money and husband have no right on that money. A wife is free to meet them and to help them financially. But if she spend the money of her husband on her family then she should seek husband’s permission in this manner.

Duties of Woman ( Rights of Man)

Serves her husband

It is the duty of a wife to serve the husband. She is not the slave of the husband but the owner of the house and manages all the matters of the house, so if a husband fulfills all his duties then it is a duty of a woman to serve her husband.


It is the duty of wife to respect her husband and to be obedient.

Spend his Money Wisely

It is the duty of the wife to spend the money of the husband wisely. She is the in charge of the house and husband believes her so she should not break the trust.


It is the utmost duty of the wife to remain sincere with her husband and never to betray him. She should not indulge in adultery or other sinful activities in the absence of her husband.

Love, Care

A wife should also be loving and caring and she should fulfill the sexual needs of her husband.

Take Care of Children

It is the duty of the wife to raise good children and to give them good manners.


A wife should be forgiving if a husband makes a mistake.

Restrictions on a Wife


A wife is not allowed to do sinful acts or zinna in absence of her husband.

Meeting Na-Mehram

A wife is not allowed to meet the na-mehram in solitude or without the permission of her husband.


A wife should not be disregarding of the abilities and services of her husband which makes her life easy.


A wife should not be profuse and spend the money of her husband wisely.

Abuse or Insult

A wife should not abuse or insult her husband in any condition.

Stops him from meeting his parents

A wife should not stop her husband from meeting his parents or family as it is his right as well as an obligation to take care of his family.

(If you find any mistake in this article please feel free to contact us and point it out. We will try to correct it in the light of Quran and Sunnah. May Allah bless us all with the authentic knowledge of Islam. May this effort of ours ease the way of jannah for our family).

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