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There are five Pillars of Islam. Islam is comprised of these pillars. Religion Islam is like a building. If any of the five pillars is missing then you can imagine its durability and endurance. The building will not be so strong.  

What are the pillars of Islam 

There are five pillars of Islam named 

  • Shahadat (Testimony 
  • Salah (Prayer)  
  • Soum (Fasting)  
  • Zakat (alms)  
  • Hajj (pilgrimage)  

 Most important pillar

Some Muslims consider Shahadat the most important Pillar of Islam but this is not the fact. All the five pillars are equally important in Islam. By giving Shahadat, one enters the city of Islam but only entering is not sufficient. The observance of all obligations is necessary.  

 Brief introduction  

 ShahadahShahadah, Oneness of ALLAHShahadah means to witness and to give evidence of oneness of Allah. This is the first pillar of Islam but it should be observed by one’s free will.  


Procedure of SalahSalah means to supplicate or to bow in front of Allah and it is defined as  worship of Allah with a particular set of actions and speech which is started with takbeer. 

 Soum (Fasting) 

FastingSoum means to stop. In Islamic sharia, it means when a person restricts itself from eating or drinking from dawn till sunset.  

 Zakat (Alms)  

Pillars of Islam

Zakat means purity or increase. Zakat is a charity given in the way of Allah  

Hajj (Pilgrimage) : 

Hajj means to determine. Hajj means to perform a set of actions on a special place at a specific time.  

 Proof from Hadith 

Narrated Anas bin Malik: While we were sitting with the Prophet (pbuh) in the mosque, a man came riding on a camel. He made his camel kneel down in the mosque, tied its foreleg and then said: Who amongst you is Muhammad? At that time the Prophet (may peace be upon him) was sitting amongst us (his companions) leaning on his arm. We replied, This white man reclining on his arm. The man then addressed him, O Son of `Abdul Muttalib. The Prophet (pbuh) said, I am here to answer your questions. The man said to the Prophet (pbuh), I want to ask you something and will be hard in questioning. So do not get angry. The Prophet (pbuh) said, Ask whatever you want. The man said, I ask you by your Lord, and the Lord of those who were before you, has Allah sent you as an Apostle to all the mankind? The Prophet (pbuh) replied, By Allah, yes. The man further said, I ask you by Allah. Has Allah ordered you to offer five prayers in a day and night (24 hours).? He replied, By Allah, Yes. The man further said, I ask you by Allah! Has Allah ordered you to observe fasts during this month of the year (i.e. Ramadan)? He (pbuh) replied, By Allah, Yes. The man further said, I ask you by Allah. Has Allah ordered you to take Zakat (obligatory charity) from our rich people and distribute it amongst our poor people? The Prophet (pbuh) replied, By Allah, yes. Thereupon that man said, I have believed in all that with which you have been sent, and I have been sent by my people as a messenger, and I am Dimam bin Tha`laba from the brothers of Bani Sa`d bin Bakr. Shahi Bukhari book of Ilm Hadith 63 


(If you find any mistake in this article please feel free to contact us and point it put. We will try to correct it in the light of Quran and Sunnah. May Allah bless us all with authentic knowledge of Islam. May this effort of ours ease the way to Jannah for our family Amin. )  


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