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All the information provided here is purely derived from Quranic references and Ahadees after adequate research. This article is completely free of personal views of the writer but the renowned and acclaimed scholars instead. Also the information provided does not relate to any specific sect as well as authentic with reference to Quran and Hadees and agreed by famous scholars.


 Meaning of Taharah:  Taharah word is derived from Tahir which means hygiene, lustration or purity.  Explanation of Taharah:  Taharah is the most important ritual in Islam. Taharat does not only mean the cleanliness of body but it includes the clothes, soul, surroundings and thoughts of a person.  Types of Taharah:  There are two forms of taharah.  Taharah e kabira  …

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  Ablution means to purify. Ablution is a kind of taharah but on the smaller scale.    Explanation of Ablution :  Ablution means to purify the evident or uncovered parts of the body from any kind of dust, like face, arms, hands and feet.    How to perform Ablution:  Following are the steps to follow to perform ablution.   Intention Recite Bismillah Wash both hands Clean nose …

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Dry Ablution (Tayamum)

Tayamum means to aim or to decide.  Necessities of Tayamum Anything which is derived from the soil can be used for this purpose. This includes the things which do not catch fire and which do not melts as well. It means that the wooden things cannot be used for the purpose of tayamum. The metals like gold, silver, steel etc which are melted when …

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