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Al Malik


Meaning of Al Malik

Al Malik is the attribute of ALLAH that means king or master. This attribute clearly shows that ALLAH almighty is the master of

  • Creation 
  • Acts 
  •  Skies and earth.  
  • Day of judgement 
  • Secret creations 
  • Heaven and hell 
  • Honor and dishonor 
  • Death and life 
  • Reward and punishment 

Meaning of Malik e Youm-e-Deen: 

This means that ALLAH is the master of day of judgement. ALLAH is master of everything but the day of judgement is specially associated with Him as on that day, ALLAH will decide the final destination of all the creation. ALLAH can forgive someone or punish someone.  

 Characteristics of Al Malik

In the view of scholars, Al Malik is one who has the power to do something and make decisions. ALLAH is the only one who does everything and makes the decision. Everyone acts according to that decision.  

ALLAH’s Ownership Given as Guardianship

Ownership of a Person

There are a lot of things which are considered as a person’s property but these are in-fact owned by ALLAH. These things are given in the guardianship of that person. By ALLAH which is transferred to his heirs after his death. This means that there is no actual and permanent ownership of a person in this world.

Kings on Earth

 There are lots of kings on this earth. Their kingdoms are as well owned by ALLAH and a part of ALLAH’s kingdom. These kings are only guardians and the  kingdoms will again be taken over by ALLAH at the day of judgement and the kings will be answerable to ALLAH for each and every act taken place in their kingdom.

Malaika (Angels) 

The word malaika used for angels in Quran is also derived from word malik. Malaika is such a creation of ALLAH who are designated to perform the duties which are assigned to them by ALLAH. Malaika do all the duties with the permission of Allah. It does not mean that ALLAH is sharing His Sovereignty with the angel. But angels are just ALLAH’s  servants.

 Kingdom of Prophet Suleman

Prophet Suleman was the only prophet who had power over all the creativity of ALLAH. He had the power over air, rain, animals, birds, demons etc. In verses 15 to 64 of surah namal the vastness of his kingdom is described. These powers were given to prophet Suleman by ALLAH. It does not mean that the things under the command of prophet Suleman were not under the command of ALLAH but these things accept the commandments of prophet Suleman with the command of ALLAH infact. The kingdom prophet Suleman was also a tiny part of the vast kingdom of ALLAH (S.W.T).

Difference Between the Ownership of ALLAH and of People 

  1. Humans need ALLAH for everything but ALLAH needs no one.  
  2. Everything given to the humans is given by ALLAH but ALLAH is the creator of everything.  
  3. People need time and hard-working to do a task but ALLAH does not need time or hard work.  
  4. Everything in this universe was in ALLAH’s possession before even it was created and it will remain His until the end of time.  
  5. People need helper to do their work but ALLAH need no helper.  
  6. ALLAH is the owner of this world and day of judgement.  
  7. ALLAH is the owner of everything hidden or evident.  
  8. The ownership of ALLAH is everlasting.  
  9. The sole owner of everything is none but ALLAH.  
  10. ALLAH controls and knows about everything which is happening in His ownership unlike the worldly kings who only know what is happening in front of their eyes or which is told by others.  

 Reference from Quran

This attribute of ALLAH, Al Malik, is mentioned in Quran along with Al Qudoos and Al Azeem. This shows that ALLAH is not only the owner but He is the sole and  greatest owner of all.  

Proof from Quran 

Everything in this world is the proof of ALLAH’s ownership but there are also some verses which shows that He is the sole owner.  

  • Sovereign of the Day of Recompense. Surah Fatiha verse 3. 
  •  The Sovereign of mankind. Surah Naas verse 2. 
  •  In a seat of honor near a Sovereign, Perfect in Ability. Surah Qamar verse 55. 
  •  ALLAH – there is no deity except Him, Lord of the Great Throne.” Surah Namal verse 26. 

( If you find any mistake in this article then please feel free to point it out and contact us. We will try to correct it in the light of Quran and Sunnah. May ALLAH bless us all with the authentic knowledge of Islam. May this effort of ours ease the way of jannah for our family. Amin)  

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