Islamic Education is a site built with the intention of spreading word about Islam. It is purely a sect free site that aims at providing genuine information about different aspects of Islam. All of this information is meant to guide not only those who are born Muslims but also for those who either have recently embraced Islam or looking to enter in. Islamic Education is an effort solely made to provide basic information rather controversial based on QURAN and AHADEES. It is kept in mind while drafting every single word that it not at all clashes with faith of any sect. Proper research is made before drafting this stuff and all this is the outcome of knowledge gained from the renowned scholars throughout the world. No personal view is added in any topic but information gained through QURAN, AHADEES and certified renowned scholars.

The basic reason of spreading such knowledge on such a broad platform is to introduce Islam to those who are confused due to the division of society in different sects. Many misleading concepts prevail in our society that are just created due to sectism and have no relation to the original roots of the religion. Islamic Education is just to dig out the basic roots of the Islam.

Though the information provided is thoroughly checked before publishing still if reader finds any issue, regarding authenticity of information or any controversial stuff that hurts anyone’s faith, can claim with the intention to correct the writer’s knowledge rather creating some controversy.